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It’s all about preservation

The ‘Super EPOC’ Epoxy Lining System has provided superior rehabilitation and prevention solutions for sewer environments for almost 20 years. Peltos is proud of its 100 per cent success rate using this system.

In fact, ‘Super EPOC’ coating system is the only epoxy coating specifically designed for sewer environments.

Our trained staff prepare work surfaces using super high pressure water because onsite testing has shown this method to be most effective in removing calcium and fat deposits. Also, it is the most environmentally sound process.

Safety is our utmost priority. Confined spaces are among the most hazardous work environments, but add a sewer environment and these spaces are downright dangerous. Peltos has specialised equipment in place to minimise danger to our people and the public. Peter Clark prides himself on the fact that during his time working with the ‘Super EPOC’ Lining System, there have been no lost-time injuries.